Men's Wood and Pumtek Etched Bone Necklace

27.50 USD / In stock.
This dark brown colored necklace is made from natural wood with brown waxed bone spacers and a pumtek hand etched oblong bone focal piece with two etched bone spacers and two side bone spacers.

Pumtek etched bead Petrified Wood Bead fossil palm wood bone - Opalized Palmwood: Pumtek meaning “buried thunderbolt” are important heirloom beads among the Chin, who live in the Chin Hills of western Myanmar (formerly Burma). Pumtek beads are composed from fossil palmwood, that is a variety of non-precious opal (unlike many fossil woods that have become agatized). It is correct to say they are “fossil wood,” “fossil palmwood,” opalized wood,” and “petrified wood.”

Mango wood waxed beads are perfect for sun-drenched summer styles- These beads are black on this bracelet

*Handmade items and natural stones each have their own uniqueness. Please allow for difference in color, size, texture and shape with each handmade item.