Ladies Turquoise and Feather Charm Bracelet

25 USD / In stock.
Ladies bracelet with 5 Turquoise beads, 4 antiqued silver spacers, Howelite beads and a porcellana etched feather charm. 

✪ Natural products often present a raw feel to them, most are uneven and organically shaped. The texture, shape, color and finish will vary within the same strand. Make sure to read description and see pictures before purchasing and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

✪Howlite is named for Canadian chemist Henry How, who discovered it. Our white howlite beads are a cool white color marbled with a matrix of light gray.

✪ Turquoise was discovered in North American by the Native American Indians about 300 A.D. - Since its discover, Turquoise has been ingrained into the culture of the American Southwest. Ancient Natives